My Animal communication journey

Lots of people are very skeptical about what I do. I love doing readings to prove them that their beloved pets know more then they realise and prove it by telling me pieces of evidence that I would never know. ( details of a few will follow in later posts)

As a young child I was happier when I was around my animals , off riding my pony through the fields then going to friend’s houses. My draw has always been animals, be them 2 or 4 legged, feathered or scaled.

I started as a Medium for people doing angel card readings, sitting in a development circles and the last few years running my own circle. I have been the medium doing services in  Spiritualist churches but my draw  always came back to the animals as I knew not many people are able to give them a voice.

It all started when a very dear friend spoke to me after  Spiritualist church service saying that he could see me working with the animals rather then with people and that I should read a book by Amelia Kinkade.

After reading her 1st book which took just a day. I googled her knowing she was based in America and I was in Cumbria, UK – but to my shock she has a workshop the following weekend 3/4hr away from my home in the Lake District- I took that as a sign that I was on the right path, especially when there was one place left!! So I took myself off to the course where many of the people there had been to different people’s courses and had been doing it for year or more, I wasn’t put off and took notes galore.

My first ‘wow’ moment was when we had a dog teacher sitting in the room with us and the question we had to find out was what is your favourite food? Most people got chicken, dog biscuits but…… I heard and saw the impression of pink icing covering a birthday cake!! So when we were talking about what information we had received I bravely mentioned pink icing – which the owner dismissed at first – So I thought OH well I tried. A few minutes later the lady came back to me and said actually yes, I know where that is! A few months ago it was her birthday and her family had made her a cake which she left on the side in the morning when they came down 1/2 the icing was missing but no one owned up!!! – (until NOW) – that was my first glimmer that actually i could do this !!

Later on, during the workshop the following day I was completing a photo reading for another lady who was there for a cat that was over the rainbow bridge – the cat told me what had happened to make her pass – The owner had suffered from an illness and the cat was drawn to her and spent hours, days beside her helping to heal her- when the owner went to the hospital to get an operation – the consultant didn’t know why they were there as the lump that was going to be removed was no longer there – it had gone – a few weeks later the cat developed a lump which was cancerous and with it the cat couldn’t fight it and found her angel wings.  – I couldn’t explain what it was I did or where the details for the information came from I just knew it was special – by the end of the message we were both in tears.  I was so overwhelmed with what had happened, I  was very emotional on the drive home.

After a few weeks and talking to friends I started to doubt my ability and stupidly listened to the skeptical ways and words and agreed with them that you shouldn’t  or couldn’t be able to do this. After a while, I stopped working with the animals but just continued with people. But I was constantly drawn to injured , sick animals, I joined a home check group on line and became admin organising people to go and check homes around the country . During this time a had a few rescue owners contact me complaining that no one could adopt due to a certain pet  behaviour or health issues- again I was pulled back into thinking I could help.

And thought if this is the path for me it will work out ……

Another lady was doing a course on Animal Communication from Cyprus – Monique- so I went on her course again this was local. I thought it would boost my knowledge and confidence. This followed very quickly by an email coming which notified me of the next level of Animal Communication with  Amelia – so I jumped on a plane and went to complete this amazing ladies course – she is such an inspiration and a earth angel!

During dinner she came and spoke to me – she even remembered where I had done the 1st level with her – which amazed me as she goes around the world!  At the end she asked why I had come as she said I didn’t need too – which set me off in tears again – I brought it down to needing to trust my own ability and TRUSTING the information I receive.

From there my partner surprised me with my own Facebook group for people to put reviews up. This I have had in place for over a year now with reviews from around the world from a huge range of animals from a hen to a snake, from a horse to a lizard! Wild animals to domestic ones…..

And my journey had started …………


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