My Animal communication journey

I had not really heard of animal communication before a friend told me about it! Thinking out of the box!! Lots of people are very sceptical about animal communication! Maybe because they have not heard of it? Don’t understand it? Don’t think it can happen?  I love doing readings for sceptical people as it  proves to them them that their beloved pets know more then they realise. And can prove it by telling me pieces of evidence that I would never know. ( details of a few will follow in later posts)

As a young child, I was happier when I was around my animals , off riding my pony through the fields rather then going out into town.

I have always wanted to be with animals, be it 2 or 4 legged, feathered or scaled.

I began my journey as a  Medium for people  sitting in a development circles,  and completing card readings.  I have been the medium  on platform for services in  Spiritualist churches but I have always been drawn  back to the animals. Helping bridge the gap between the animal and the owner by giving a voice to the voiceless!

Making what seem impossible – possible!

It all started when a very dear friend spoke to me after  Spiritualist church service saying that he could see me working with the animals rather then with people and that I should read a book by Amelia Kinkade.

After reading her 1st book which I was fascinated in and I read it from cover to cover in record time. I googled her ,knowing she was based in America and I was in Cumbria, UK – but to my shock she has a workshop the following weekend 3/4hr away from my home in the Lake District!  I took that as a sign that I was on the right path, especially when there was one place left!! So I took myself off to the course where many of the people there had been to different animal communicator’s courses and had been doing it for year or more, but I wasn’t put off and took notes galore.

My first ‘wow’ moment during the course was when we had a dog teacher sitting in the room with us and the question we had to find out was what is your favourite food? Most people got chicken, dog biscuits but…… I heard and saw the impression of pink icing covering a birthday cake!! So when we were talking about what information we had received I bravely mentioned pink icing – which the owner dismissed at first – So I thought “OH well I tried!”  A few minutes later the lady came back to me and said “Actually yes, I know where that is! A few months ago it was her birthday and her family had made her a cake which she left on the side. In the morning, when they came down 1/2 the icing was missing but no one owned up!!!”  (until NOW)

That was my first glimmer that actually I COULD do this !!

The following day,  I was completing a photo reading for another lady attending the course. It was of a cat that was over the rainbow bridge –  (no longer with her on earth) The cat told me what had happened to make her pass – The owner had suffered from an illness and the cat was drawn to her and spent hours, days beside her helping to heal her.  When the owner went into the hospital to get an operation – the consultant didn’t know why they were there as the lump that was going to be removed was no longer there!  it had GONE!! – A few weeks later, the cat developed a lump,  which was cancerous, the cat couldn’t fight it and found her angel wings.  I couldn’t explain what it was I did or where the details for the information came from I just knew it was special – by the end of the message we were both in tears.  I was so overwhelmed with what had happened, I  was very emotional on the drive home.

After a few weeks, and talking to friends, I started to doubt my ability and stupidly listened to the sceptical  words  and started to doubt. I agreed with them, that you shouldn’t  or couldn’t be able to do this. After a while, I stopped working with the animals but continued with  my card readings.  I was constantly drawn to injured , sick animals, I joined a  Rescue home check group on line and became an admin organising people to go and check homes around the country . Giving a second chance to rescued cats and dogs. During this time, a had a few rescue owners contact me complaining that no one could adopt due to a certain dog behaviour or health issues- again I was pulled back into thinking I could help.

And thought if this is the path for me it will work out ……

To get myself back on track I was contacted by an animal communicator from Cyprus – Monique- so I went on her course, again this was local. I thought it would boost my knowledge and more importantly my confidence. This followed very quickly, by an email notifying  me of the next level of Animal Communication with  Amelia – so I jumped on a plane and went to complete this amazing ladies course – she is such an inspiration and a earth angel!

During dinner she came and spoke to me – she even remembered where I had done the 1st level with her – which amazed me as she goes around the world!  At the end, she asked “why I had come as she said I didn’t need too!” – which set me off in tears again – I brought it down to needing to trust my own ability and TRUSTING the information I receive.

From there my partner surprised me with my own Facebook group for people to put reviews up. This I have had in place for over a year now with reviews from around the world from a huge range of animals from a hen to a snake, from a horse to a lizard! Wild animals to domestic ones…..

And my journey had started …………


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