Dog’s message picked up medical problem

My partner gave me 2 separate Akita photos to complete photograph readings for. At the time of the reading I didn’t realise they were connected. I was told the lady had an issue with a 3rd dog but she was quite sceptical. She also didn’t know that dog very well as he was a foster dog in her care so she wanted to see how I worked by using her own dogs.

One of the dogs complained about not having any time away from her friend and she just wanted a little bit of time alone. As her friend was like her shadow all the time!!!

Her friend ( the 2nd dog)  told me of a dog who had a serious internal problem and if it wasn’t seen too she was worried her friend would not be there any more!! – she mentioned the owner talking on the phone to someone about the problem and how the dog had changed but she hadn’t been to the vets yet.

After I sent the messages to the owner – she immediately went to the vets to get the dog checked –

Her feed back shocked me……….

‘Mels reading of my Lilly saved my girl’s life … I sent a picture and she told me things about Lilly she couldn’t possibly know. But here’s the amazing bit I was told to get Lilly checked she had an illness that needed sorted and that I’d been talking about this for 2 weeks .. Well I never knew Mel and no one knew I was talking to my mum about Lilly having a problem .. I took Lilly to the vets and she was ill she had pyrometra  and had to have an emergency hysterectomy .. So thanks to Mel my girl is healthy again .. And I only found out about Mel through a problem my foster dog was having .. I’ve had 3 readings on each one of my dogs and all 3 have been amazing .. A big Thank you Mel from me Lilly, Honey and Rex

Although I am not medically trained or a vet I just share the information I receive from the animal and if anything medical comes up I always ask the owner to get it checked.


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