Messages from Over the Rainbow Bridge

When a beloved pet goes over the rainbow bridge the owner  likes to hear that their pet is ok and still around. As the animal was such a strong part of their family, they are lost with out them.


I am writing to thank you Melanie for your truly wonderful reading of my old friend – Max who died after a short illness long before his time just over 4 years ago. For nearly 8 years he was my special boy and when he passed on, he left a big hole in our family’s lives.
The reading so accurately described Max and his experiences that every time I read it I felt that he is back with me again so Mel’s words will remain with me for ever. Hearing about his life from his point of view was especially thought provoking and knowing that he has reunited with his life long doggie friend Cassie in his new life helped me come to terms with my loss. The fact that both now visit me makes me feel much more able to cope with life without them and for this I will be forever grateful.
If anyone reading this, is in that unenviable position of having lost a loved pet you have my deepest sympathy but may I recommend that you please get in touch with Melanie. Her special skills and talents can help you too. She is one of life’s truly wonderful people. With love, David and Mel x

Reading on their dear Cassie

Hi Mel. I just want to thank you for the reading that you did for me on my beloved Tibetan Terrier Cassie. My wife and I live through our dogs so we were both devastated when she passed in March 2015. Your reading was very accurate and mentioned Cassie’s little ways that brought fond memories flooding back. We are delighted to know that she is now pain free and happy in her new life and this has made us in turn content and reassured. We now as a result feel that we ourselves can get on with our lives. Thank you Mel. Once in a lifetime you come across someone who really genuinely makes a difference to the lives of others. Mel – you are that someone!! With love and best wishes 

I also did a reading for the lovely Claire

I would like to thank mel for the reading that she has kindly done for my dog billy who passed away a few weeks ago. It was so nice to hear what billy had thought of us as a family and to confirm some things for us. I would highly recommend this service to anyone ( which i have already) i am now waiting on another reading to help us with our new addition to our family. Such a lovely person to deal with. Thankyou so much for everything xx

This next reading I completed for a lady who’s dog past away suddenly with a tragic accident, crossing the railway  line – he said after the reading he didn’t want the reading to be sent yet and he would let me know when to send it. He would also send his owner a very special gift to remind her of him. And he would also find her a rescue dog to love. The day I sent the reading to the owner was the day she received a special package from America………

Hi all i would like share with you feedback i received from Val who doesn’t have a facebook account. I asked permission from her before sharing with you all .

“Thank you for my reading from my precious Benji, this was so kind of you to do this for me.

I had to share with you something that happened, my wonderful sister Joanne who lives in Boston in America had sent me a gift for my birthday, she too lost her most treasured friend Griffin a year ago, she had it made for me just as i lost Benji, she never told me what it was but that i would be receiving a package in the post at some point, it was made in Missouri and so could take a couple of weeks. The day i received your email with my reading i had a call at work from my son to say my US package had arrived. I was at work until 7pm so couldn’t read your email for obvious reasons until i got home. I arrived home and read my reading in my car before i went into the house, i felt i needed to read it alone until i was ready to share it. I then, very emotional, went into the house, there on the table was my gift from my sister. I opened it to find the most beautiful necklace, it is a tag with BENJI on it with a silver heart over it with the words FOREVER IN MY HEART and a small bone charm. i actually had chills when i saw it. Could this be my special something? I sent Joanne my reading, she couldn’t believe it, she said she had no idea why she would buy me such a gift but was drawn to it, could she have had help? I do wear it with pride, i love it and will treasure it dearly.

I am struggling every day because i miss him so much. I do hope my reading is right and that at some point maybe i can save someone else and at the same time they can save me. “

Benji had past over to the rainbow bridge from a very tragic accident. During the reading he asked me to not pass it on until at least 2 weeks had past. I asked why and he gave no explanation. Throughout the reading he kept referring to a necklace he will be sending and also a female dog. Val has now rescued a bitch called Tara

All the feedback and reviews along with many others are on my Facebook group


Animal are very precious to us, many spending more time with us then our family, so they know us better then anyone, Just because we can not see them it does not mean they are not with us.

Our beloved pets leave paw/hoof prints on our hearts


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